Grassland Heights Baptist Church
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Guiding People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ


The Nashville Baptist Association initiated efforts in early 1965 to serve North Central Williamson County with a Baptist Church.  The Association sought a sponsor for a Vacation Bible School in the Meadowgreen Subdivision.  Walker Memorial Baptist Church agreed to sponsor the VBS, and an Associational tent was erected at the corner of Meadowgreen Drive and Hillsboro Road in August 1965. 
In 1968, Walker Memorial and Franklin First Baptist Church sponsored another VBS.  This mission work continued with interested families conduction prayer meetings in homes.  Regular Sunday School and Worship services began on October 6, 1968 in the home of Les Evans.  On February 5, 1969, a recommendation was brought by Radnor Baptist Church to locate property and construct a building for the Mission.  A 3 acre lot was purchased from the Nashville Baptist Association and construction began in September 1969.  The new building, which is now the Chapel, was dedicated on May 17, 1971.  Radnor Baptist Church approved the purchase of the additional property now owned by the church on March 24, 1971. 
Reverend Henry Atkeison became Interim Pastor of the Mission in 1971.  In November 1971, the Mission requested that Radnor Baptist Church grant authority for their constitution as a church.  Radnor unanimously granted this authority and set a date of January 9, 1972 for this constitution. 

Initially, the current Chapel building served a dual purpose.  The front of the building was partitioned off into Sunday School Classrooms and the rest of the building served as the Church Sanctuary.  In May 1973, Grassland Heights Baptist Church began a program to finance and build a three story education building and gymnasium, which would be used for worship services and as a Christian life activities center.  This new building was completed and the first service was held in the gymnasium in 1975.  The Chapel building was remodeled by removing the classroom partitions and converting the entire building into a chapel.
In the Fall of 1989, plans were finalized for a new Sanctuary building with additional education space, a fellowship hall, and a kitchen.  Construction began in April 1990 and the first service was held in the current building on January 5, 1992.